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Riverfront Park - I Remember When! 05/19/2021

View of the northwest side of the Pavilion, circa mid '70s.

A lot of changes have taken place!

I usually go on a weekly walk with my cousin to catch up and get some fresh air. I also just so happened to need to do some location scouting for an upcoming photo session, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. As I was going over photographs over the last two years, I was reminded of some evening shots I took at Riverfront Park. There were some nice images of the carousel, clock tower, pavilion and the river. The park would make a great location for my next photo shoot! I needed additional photos to beef up my portfolio.

Carousel at Night

Pavilion and Clock Tower at Night

My cousin picked me up and we headed down to the park. The last four years I have been somewhat preoccupied with school, so I haven’t spent much time at this hometown jewel. I was amazed at all of the changes that have taken place! Some of the new features I have previously enjoyed, but some I wasn’t even aware of. When we got to the pavilion, I was surprised to see a catwalk had been built as well as amphitheater seating. There is also a large open space for concerts and performances.

The Pavilion has had many reiterations over my lifetime. This area was once a trainyard, and the clock tower was part of the original train station. In preparation for World Expo ’74, Riverfront Park was created. I was in first grade in 1974 and a have a few memories of that year. I still have my Expo pass packed away somewhere.

I recall purchasing jumping beans and a wooden mouse pin with leather ears and purple rhinestone eyes from the Mexico exhibit. I also remember the Mormons had an exhibit that you could spot from far away because of the gold-colored statue of Moroni blowing his trumpet on the top of the building.


I found it!

Six year old me.

The pin fell off and its missing one ear, but I still have my little mouse from Mexico.

The Pavilion was also home to an ice-skating rink and carnival rides.

I took some reference photos of my cousin on different platforms along the catwalk in the Pavilion. It was a beautiful day and the park really does offer a beautiful backdrop for photographs. I returned to this area for my scheduled photoshoot and made some really nice images.

Can you see the Flour Mill in the distance?

Nice view!

I even came back for a night- time shoot. The pavilion is outfitted with colored lights now and is really stunning in the dark.

A week or so later, my family and I hosted some out-of-town friends and I was able to share beautiful Riverfront Park with them. We really are blessed to have this area right in downtown Spokane. It won’t be so long before my next visit!