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Fine Art Photography and Watercolor Painting by Aimee Morris

Just the Two of Us, Twenty Years Later

October 20th was my twentieth wedding anniversary. On that day two decades ago, my husband picked me up after work and we drove to the Kootenai County Courthouse and then went across the street to the Hitchin’ Post in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. It was just the two of us. We had been planning to have a wedding, trying to come up with the perfect crazy theme. Would it be a pirate affair, or an Egyptian soiree? Although my husband hadn’t been married before, I had, and at 30 and 31 years old, we didn’t take ourselves too seriously. One day he just said to me he couldn’t wait to make me his wife, so off to the gem state we went. After the ceremony, he played “Crazy Love” by Van Morrison in the car for me and then we got take-out from Red Robin.

Fast-forward two decades, and my husband Tom made plans for the two of us and our children to go back to the Hitchin’ Post. We would renew our vows with our most important family there. Well, you know what they say about best laid plans . . . We realized my daughter had a function that day and my son had made plans. So, we packed up my little anniversary gift, Willow the puppy, and hit the road on our own.

We arrived to discover the Hitchin’ Post was closed, even though when I Googled the hours it said noon to nine pm. We reasoned those must be peak season / summer hours. We sat in the car, me trying to finagle my new tripod and wondering if I remembered how to use the self-timer on my camera. At least we could take our own photo in front of the building. Soon a figured appeared at my car door. It was the owner! She was driving by and saw us. Apparently they are only open by appointment on Sundays, but she agreed to take some photos for us. Tom spotted some lengths of chain with padlocks on them in front of the building. The owner explained they were called “love locks,” so we purchased one, engraved our names on it, and hung it with the rest.

Our trip to Idaho and the Hitchin’ Post that day ended the same way it did twenty years ago, just the two of us, and perfect.

Always bring your camera, even when you don’t think you’re going to need it. How many times have you seen the perfect sunset or gorgeous autumn trees and you didn’t have it with you? Happens all the time. So many missed opportunities! Just pack it.


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